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Build Back Better Legislation: New Keynesianism or Neoliberal Public Relations Stunt?

These social reforms are meant to address some of the more glaring social contradictions produced by four decades of neoliberal policies, but with the objective to strengthen capitalism and preempt radicalism.

Ajamu Baraka ·

From Empire to Global Oligarchy, Pandora Papers Expose UK's Insidious Capitalism

In an era of global surveillance capitalism, the rich can flit around the world with their vast fortunes while the rest of us are forever trapped by borders.

Adam Ramsay ·

While Americans Sleep, Our Corporate Overlords Make Progress Impossible

Both the Republicans and the Democrats vote as if the nation's middle-class taxpayer is a sleeping sucker.

Ralph Nader ·

Progressives Hold the Line as 'Manchema' Side With Oligarchy Against Biden Agenda

"We won't let massive corporations, billionaires, and a few conservative Democrats stand in the way of delivering transformational progress for millions of working people," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal. "Stick to the plan. Pass both bills, together."

Jon Queally ·

America's Unpleasant Fate: Oligarchy or Autocracy

The competing systems of power are divided between alternatives which widen the social and political divide—and increase potential for violent conflict.

Chris Hedges ·

'So Wrong': GOP Donor Paying to Send South Dakota National Guard to Southern Border

"Now we got oligarchs paying for public militaries for personal and political pet projects," said Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Jessica Corbett ·

It's Time for a New Good Neighbor Policy Toward Latin America

President Biden must resist trying to revive a new Cold War with China and using that to undermine progressive governments in South America and side with the industrial oligarchs.

Jesse Jackson ·

Wealth Hoarding by 'Silver Spoon Oligarchs' Is Endangering US Democracy: Report

"The five wealthiest dynastic families in the U.S. have seen their wealth increase by a median 2,484% from 1983 to 2020."

Kenny Stancil ·

How We Fight Back Against the GOP's New War on Democracy

The core issue is that in order for the imbalance of power to continue to favor the elite,  systemic racism must continue.

James Haslam ·

We Can Defeat the Corporate Media's War to Snuff Out Independent Journalism

Not only have some journalists become more influential than the papers they write for, but others have abandoned the employee-servant model completely.

Jonathan Cook ·

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