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Gunmaker Profits Soar as Bloody Massacres Proliferate

Gun supporters and expedient politicians who take NRA, firearms industry, and other military/industrial complex big donor money while expressing heartfelt prayers—are disingenuous, disgusting, and deserving of maximum shame.

F. Douglas Stephenson ·

The Billionaire Bombardment of Democracy

Isn't it time Biden and the Democrats came out clearly against the billionaires abusing their wealth and power by suppressing the wages of average working people and flooding our democracy with their money?

Robert Reich ·

Onslaught of the Oily Authoritarians

The only realistic course is to protect the electoral process despite all its flaws, ensure universal voting rights, and push harder than ever to make this country what it has never been: a multiracial, pluralistic democracy.

Stan Cox ·

The Super Immunity of Our Fabulously Wealthy Corporate Dictators

The Robber Barons of old have nothing on this new class of digital oligarchs.

Ralph Nader ·

Biden Democrats Are Deer in the Headlights Against Dishonest GOP Onslaught

With its record-setting campaign fundraising, the Party can’t seem to figure out how to go on the offensive against the overtly lying, cruel, corrupt, law-breaking, Wall Street over Main Street, Trumpian Republican Party.

Ralph Nader ·

We Cannot Adequately Resist Without Reimagining the World We Want

We need change-making—both big and small—around the world, that challenges the structural causes of militarism, corrupt capitalism, and climate catastrophe, while at the same time, concretely creating an alternative system based on a just and sustainable peace.

Greta Zarro ·

'Dangerous': Twitter on Verge of Accepting Musk's $43 Billion Buyout Offer

"Musk's real goal has nothing to do with the freedom of others," argued one critic. "His goal is his own unconstrained freedom—the freedom to wield enormous power without having to be accountable."

Jake Johnson ·

Billionaires Do Not Give Anything to Society—They Take From It

The rich do not compete; they destroy the competition. The rich do not create wealth; they accumulate it. The rich do not create knowledge; they kidnap it. The rich do not create ideas; they demonize them.

Jorge Majfud ·

The Failure of Global Elites—and What You Should Do Next

It's difficult to convey the degree and depth of elites' failure without descending into lurid disaster porn.

Richard Heinberg ·

It's Organized Starbucks Workers vs. Oligarchs in the City of Buffalo

Buffalo's baristas give us hope. Buffalo's pols, meanwhile, are giving oligarchy our hard-earned tax dollars.

Sam Pizzigati ·

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