Jessica Corbett, staff writer
fukushima 4
"It was easy to safeguard the plant against tsunami, but they kept operating the plant heedlessly."
Julia Conley, staff writer
"As a country surrounded by oceans where people's lives have been heavily...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"This is a grave mistake which is out of step with the rest of the world."


Fishermen have resumed fishing after postponing their start when hundreds of tons of radioactive water were found leaking from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Twenty-one trawlers brought home 5 tons of seafood, including octopus and squid, from the trial operation; if testing shows they're safe, they'll be shipped to markets in Japan. While older people are said to be buying fish from the sea off Fukushima Prefecture, others don't want their kids or grandkids eating it...