Jessica Corbett, staff writer
no base
Residents of the Japanese prefecture are frustrated with the heavy presence of American troops and warn the replacement base will endanger locals and regional marine life
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
fukushima 4
"It was easy to safeguard the plant against tsunami, but they kept operating...
Julia Conley, staff writer
"As a country surrounded by oceans where people's lives have been heavily...


On the eve of the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and amidst widespread protests against (clearly insane) government attempts to reopen nuclear plants, a new survey shows almost all Japanese fear and oppose nuclear power: An astounding 95% are worried about the current decontamination process and ongoing leaks; 87% are scared of another disaster; 80% want to scrap some or all existing reactors. Japan's Prime Minister has said he wants to restart reactors "confirmed safe...while winning...