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Jan 6 Insurrection


When a Country That's Orchestrated Many Coups Has One of Its Own

The United States has a long history of organizing, funding, arming and actively perpetrating coups against democratically elected governments.

Amy Goodman ·

The Next Installment of the Jan. 6 Committee Could Be Pivotal

The committee's task for its next hearing is to continue confronting its toughest obstacle: amassing conclusive evidence of Trump's intent to overturn the 2020 election on January 6.

Fred Wertheimer ·

'Danger to Democracy': Lawsuit Aims to Keep Jan. 6 Insurrectionist Off Michigan Ballot

"It's simple, really," said a group backing the suit. "If you supported and participated in the January 6 insurrection, you should not have the privilege of holding—or even running for—public office."

Jake Johnson ·

The Plot Against American Democracy

They say comedy is tragedy plus time, but it is clearly too soon for the events of Jan. 6 to be presented as comedy.

John Feffer ·

Latest Hearing Makes Plain Why Unhinged Trump Should Face Charges

The picture that emerged from yesterday's hearing is not dramatically different from what we've learned before—an unhinged man willing to do anything to maintain power, even at the cost of lives, law, and our democracy.

Robert Reich ·

Lawmakers Say DOJ 'Must Bring Charges' Against Trump Amid New Jan. 6 Bombshells

"All of it points to the urgent need for DOJ to prosecute Donald Trump," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal. "If he is not held accountable, there will be enormous consequences to our democracy."

Jake Johnson ·

Jan. 6 Committee Lays Bare How Trump's Tweets Fomented Deadly Insurrection

"Twitter—and other social media companies—must stop shirking responsibility, especially as the country prepares for another national election," said one digital justice campaigner.

Brett Wilkins ·

Survey Reveals How Much Voters Dislike Companies Funding Seditious GOP Lawmakers

"Given this survey's findings, CEOs should certainly note: they face an undeniable threat to their bottom lines once consumers are made aware of their funding of fascists."

Brett Wilkins ·

Raskin Says What Trump Did 'Makes the Watergate Break-in Look Like the Work of Cub Scouts'

"When you add all of this up together," said the Maryland Democrat, "it is the greatest political offense against the union and by a president of the United States in our history, nothing comes close to it."

Jon Queally ·

The Socialist Left Should Be Giving the Jan. 6 Hearings the Attention They Deserve

Socialists should be front and center, demanding that there be actual repercussions for the anti-democratic effort to overturn the election.

David Duhalde ·

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