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Jan 6 Insurrection

January 6th Is Just the Beginning of the Assault on American Democracy

What happens in 2022 is what will make the difference between free and fair elections and Trump and the far-right stealing the presidency in 2024.

Christina Baal-Owens ·

Citing 'Blatant Acts of Insurrection,' NC Voters Petition to Bar Cawthorn From Seeking Reelection

The challengers say they have "reasonable suspicion that Rep. Cawthorn aided the insurrection, thereby disqualifying him from federal office."

Kenny Stancil ·

Congress Must Pass Federal Data Privacy Law to Protect Democracy

If policymakers don't learn from January 6, personal data-powered election interference will become the norm.

Erica Darragh ·

Dick Cheney Paved the Way for Trump and the Capitol Insurrection

Cheney championed the use of torture by the U.S. government, and never recanted. Deliberate, in-your-face disregard for international human rights laws and norms has become a signature of the GOP. Cheney honed it to a fine art.

Juan Cole ·

In Praise of Joe Biden's Fighting Words

While the rhetoric was strong, make no mistake: what's before the Democrats is a political project. And the question remains: will the president—and the party—do what it takes to vigorously pursue this project?

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

The Blood Spilled on Jan. 6 as Rorschach Test

Our collective memories are as much under assault as our democracy. The GOP's rewriting of history could not be more dangerous when it comes to the nation's future.

Tony Norman ·

Protecting US Democracy and Climate Action Are 'Inseparable,' Green Groups Tell Congress

The "grim" anniversary of the Capitol attack, they said, "should serve as a wake-up call" for lawmakers to "expand the right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, and give power back to the people."

Jessica Corbett ·

Trump Thrashed for Lie-Laden Response to Biden Jan. 6 Anniversary Address

"The former president who tried to overthrow the republic after lying about a 'stolen' election for months has just released a statement in which he continues to lie about a stolen election."

Brett Wilkins ·

Over 150 Pro-Democracy Groups Demand Schumer Urgently Change Senate Rules to Pass Voting Rights

"The House of Representatives has already done its job. It is time for the Senate to do right by the American people, and improve the rules of the Senate so they can protect and strengthen our democracy."

Jenna McGuire ·

On Anniversary of Insurrection, Advocates Demand DC Statehood

"A year after that violent day, D.C.'s residents—the majority of whom are Black and Brown—are still denied voting representation in Congress, and we still do not have the full protections that statehood provides."

Jessica Corbett ·

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