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"The U.S. is trying to overthrow the government of Venezuela and that it will be willing to use violence, to use military force, if necessary." (Photo: Democracy Now)
Ousting Madura, privatizing Venezuela's oil, and war criminals
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"William Barr has attacked the Mueller investigation and supported...
Common Dreams staff
U.S President George H.W. Bush and staff brief the press in the Rose Garden at the White House about the visit of Cheney and Powell who had just returned from the Middle East prior to commencement of Desert Storm, the 1991 ground war with Iraq, February 11, 1991 in Washington, DC.
Social media users point out aspects of the 41st president's legacy that aren't...


Amidst the laugh-or-cry news these days - see the cognitive dissonance of conservatives punishing refugees for the violence they're fleeing - we have a "presidential candidate" who, asked what he "plans" to "do" about ISIS, stammers lunatic word salad on a deranged par with grain-storing Pyramids and slavery-like health care. Now his "advisers" are on record saying “nobody has been able (to) have him get one iota of intelligent information (so) we can make him smart.” Jesus on a dinosaur.


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Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)