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Howard Zinn

The Part About MLK Many White People Don’t Like to Talk About

Dr. King was widely disliked for his message of liberation for oppressed people in this country—Black people, Brown people, Native people, all poor people

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield ·

Nothing Justifies the Killing of Children in Yemen. Nothing.

As members of a purportedly democratic society we are obliged to hold our leaders accountable and demand that they do everything in their power to protect and preserve the lives of the people of Yemen

George Capaccio ·

Civil Rights and Voter Suppression in the US

The rights of those whose citizenship is contested will not be guaranteed by appeals to loyalty and patriotism, but by social movements that are not bound by the state.

Meghan Tinsley ·

Whose History Matters? Students Can Name Columbus, But Most Have Never Heard of the Taíno People

Columbus’s treatment of the Taíno people meets the UN definition of genocide. But there has also been a curricular genocide — erasing the memory of the Taíno from our nation’s classrooms

Bill Bigelow ·

Teaching More Civics Will Not Save Us From Trump

Let's arms our students with an honest account of our nation’s political DNA, so they may have the wisdom to actively transform it into one worthy of our embrace

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca ·

The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom

The ruling elites, who refuse to accept responsibility for profound social inequality or the crimes of empire, have no ideological veneer left to justify their greed, ineptitude and pillage

Chris Hedges ·

The Soldier's Tale: A Man Who Went to War and Realized His Side Was the Enemy

"I was blindly following orders. I was inflicting violence on the poorest people on earth. How is there any morality in that?"

Chris Hedges ·

Needed Now: A Real and Radical Left

Without a functioning left able to fight and do things for ordinary working and poor people, we will have nothing to defend and sustain our households, families and communities when the next big capitalist meltdown comes—an event that is due in the very near future

Paul Street ·

Making People's History in Arizona: Educators Rise Up

We had no other choice but to demonstrate our basic civil liberties in pursuit of real, transformative change — by walking out of our classrooms together and into the Capitol on the historic day of April 26, 2018.

Sarah Giddings ·

What Spielberg’s The Post — and Our Textbooks — Leave Out

Sadly, too many textbooks found in the nation's school hide pretty much everything that is important in the world — from the roots of American racism, to the war against Mexico; and from the causes and consequences of climate change, to, yes, the nature of the Vietnam War.

Bill Bigelow ·