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Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein Trial Begs a Question: Why Is the Pain of Women and Minorities Often Ignored?

Recognizing and believing their pain is essential to the work of healing and justice.

Anne P. DePrince ·

Did Saudi Prince Bin Salman Personally Hack Jeff Bezos’s Phone, Vacuuming Up Secrets? What About Jared Kushner?

The revelation that Bin Salman himself played a pivotal role in the attempt to ruin Bezos’s life over the Washington Post‘s reporting on Saudi Arabia and on Donald Trump should send chills down the spine of everyone who has ever chatted with the prince over Whatsapp.

Juan Cole ·

Weinstein Accusers Gather at New York Courthouse to Witness 'Moment of Justice' Two Years After #MeToo Movement Began

"This trial is critical to show that predators everywhere will be held accountable and that speaking up can bring about real change."

Julia Conley ·

On Eve of NBC-Hosted Debate, Sanders, Warren, Harris, and Booker Join Call for Network to Allow Outside Probe of Sexual Violence

"Donald Trump has been credibly accused of sexual harassment and sexual abuse by dozens of women. We, as a party, have to offer voters a clear and unquestionable difference come November when it comes to these important issues."

Julia Conley ·

'A Collective Voice': NBC News Digital Staffers Vote to Unionize

"If there was any doubt, recent weeks have been a stark reminder that there is strength in numbers, workers are better with job security, and the people doing the journalism should have seat at the table."

Eoin Higgins ·

MSNBC Anchor Chris Hayes Praised for Denouncing 'Path of Least Resistance' Taken by Network Executives

"Chris Hayes is modeling exactly where our journalism should be in 2019. Too many outlets bend to the powerful when the very institutions they represent are supposed to operate as a check on that power."

Julia Conley ·

The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context

High crimes and misdemeanors of the fading American century.

Andrew Bacevich ·

When It Comes to Plutocrats Like Epstein and Trump, Always Assume the Worst

In the age of Trump, the wrongdoing has become so blatant, the attitude towards the rest of us so contemptuous, that a presumption of guilt may be the only realistic attitude

Mike Lofgren ·

Fresh Demands for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's Resignation Mount After Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking Charges

Acosta has long faced intense public criticism for helping Epstein secure a "sweetheart plea deal" while serving as Miami's top federal prosecutor

Jessica Corbett ·

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