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Brazil Court Deals Blow to Massive Amazon Gold Mine Project

One prosecutor called the ruling "another victory for the Indigenous and riverine people of Volta Grande do Xingu," who "know that a mining project can have devastating impacts on the region."

Brett Wilkins ·

Costa Rica Has Reaped Dividends By Protecting Biodiversity—And Making It Accessible

Rather than building large resorts or multilane roads, countries would be wise to adopt Costa Rica's model of tourism infrastructure, which is mainly small ecolodges and nature hostels.

Alejandra Echeverri Ochoa ·

Remembering the Radical Roots of Earth Day

Set in the wider arc of history, Earth Day stands for me as a reminder of the importance of fact-based and community-grounded advocacy for moving the needle on inclusive, just environmental policy and practice.

Johanna Chao Kreilick ·

Whale's Peculiar Path to Redemption Offers a Way Forward for Our Planet

The story of commercial whaling and the iconoclasts who opposed it offers hope for whales facing today's new threats—and the future of our planet.

Bill Janus ·

To Help the Environment, Look to Women

Women often suffer the most from environmental degradation. A nonprofit in Colombia is trying to make their needs central to conservation.

Veronika Perková ·

Study Warns Use of Geoengineering to Fight Climate Crisis Risks Malaria Surge

"Solar geoengineering would create regional trade-offs and potentially increases in malaria risk worldwide," said the new study's lead author.

Jake Johnson ·

Mexican Lawmakers Approve Bill to Nationalize Lithium

"Lithium belongs to Mexicans, not to transnational corporations," said one legislator.

Kenny Stancil ·

'Another Loss For Big Oil': CA Lawsuits Against Fossil Fuel Giants Head to State Court

"This ruling is a major victory for these California communities seeking their day in court against corporate polluters that spent decades lying about their products' role in fueling the climate crisis," said one advocate.

Kenny Stancil ·

The Shameful US Nuclear History in the Marshall Islands

After decades of interfering in the island nation with nuclear testing, disposal of radioactive waste, and human experimentation, U.S. leaders are considering a formal apology.

Edward Hunt ·

Biden Takes 'Critical First Step' to Fix Landmark Environmental Law Gutted by Trump

"The Biden administration cannot stop here," said one advocate, calling on the White House "to ensure we tap NEPA's full potential to address the unprecedented environmental challenges we face now."

Jessica Corbett ·

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