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Teaching and Learning Through a Pandemic

This is the exact wrong time to shame students, teachers and schools with test scores that mean little

Brian Gibbs ·

Schools in the South Are Failing to Teach Accurate Reconstruction History

A report found that most state standards on Reconstruction history focus solely on governmental actions while ignoring the grassroots political strategies developed by Black communities during this period.

Benjamin Barber ·

The Story of How—Many Years Ago—I Unbanned Maus

I couldn't be prouder today to have had a hand in producing the book.

Tom Engelhardt ·

Sanders Slams Congress for Serving Billionaires and Failing Americans

"I am not sure that members of Congress have the willingness or the courage to stand up to the powerful special interests who control the economic and political life of this country," he said on the Senate floor.

Jessica Corbett ·

Students at Top Universities Push 'Legal Imperative' of Fossil Fuel Divestment

"Their investments in the fossil fuel industry—an industry whose actions place the health and future of students and the entire planet at risk—amount to nothing less than complicity in the climate crisis."

Jessica Corbett ·

AOC Warns Failure to Cancel Student Debt Has 'Demoralized' Critical Voters

"This really isn't a conversation about providing relief to a small, niche group of people," said the congresswoman. "It's very much a keystone action politically."

Julia Conley ·

Schools in Crisis and Systems Failure: An SOS

A return to a normal that was never good enough

Belle Chesler ·

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Common Dreams staff ·

Coalition Urges Biden Admin to Stop Fighting Student Debtors in Bankruptcy Court

"The stubborn commitment to this flawed policy is contrary to the department's mission of protecting students from fraud and ensuring that higher education is a launching point, not a stumbling block," says a new letter.

Kenny Stancil ·

Public Health Experts Warn Against Premature End of School Mask Mandates

"Removing indoor mask mandates by a particular date—as opposed to tying them to a threshold of community transmission and hospitalizations—is unscientific," said the experts.

Julia Conley ·

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