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To Confront the Climate Crisis, Universities Must Refuse Fossil Fuel Industry Funding

Every research dollar, lab hour, and project report that is beholden to or biased by fossil fuel industry influence is a missed opportunity to address the climate crisis.

Paul G. Nauert ·

Walkouts Underway in Virginia Against Youngkin's Attack on Trans Students

"It is shameful to pin your political hopes on your willingness to harm an already marginalized group of kids," said one critic of the Republican governor's plan to roll back transgender students' rights.

Brett Wilkins ·

​​College Debt Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Under pressure from voters, Biden seems to be addressing a portion of the problem, but college debt is just a bit of fungal decay growing on a vast expanse of infected matter.

Phil Wilson ·

'Great News': After Strike, Seattle Teachers Approve Three-Year Contract

"We united, took action, and achieved a contract that does more for us and our students," said the Seattle Education Association.

Kenny Stancil ·

Abolish the Need for Student Debt With Free Public Higher Ed

Taxing the extremely wealthy and corporations more fairly to pay for student debt relief is an important step toward equity, but it still leaves borrowers like me with plenty left to pay. And it doesn't address the underlying problem.

Lacina Onco ·

'Heed This Warning': 2,500+ Book Bans Threaten US Schools and Democracy

"More books banned. More districts. More states. More students losing access to literature. 'More' is the operative word for this report on school book bans," says author PEN America.

Brett Wilkins ·

'Quiet Part Out Loud': GOP Warns Biden Student Debt Cancellation Will Hurt Military Recruitment

"The GOP is admitting that the military relies on poor young people to keep the war machine going, and that's why they oppose canceling student debt."

Brett Wilkins ·

Book-Banning Efforts Rising at Unprecedented Rate, US Libraries Report

"We're truly fearful that at some point we will see a librarian arrested for providing constitutionally protected books on disfavored topics," said one free speech advocate.

Julia Conley ·

Justice for Teachers: The Strike That Started the Red Wave

Ten years ago, Chicago teachers modeled what a militant fight for public education looks like by walking off the job. A decade later, the legacy of social justice unionism continues to animate the U.S. labor movement.

Jackson Potter ·

Teachers Should Carry Books, Not Guns—And Politicians Should Do Their Jobs

Proposals to arm American teachers to fight gunmen in schools are abhorrent and deflect from politicians' failures.

Christina Wyman ·

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