Brett Wilkins, staff writer
A gas flare is seen at an oil well site on July 26, 2013 outside Williston, North Dakota. Gas flares are created when excess flammable gases are released by pressure release valves during the drilling for oil and natural gas. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
"Reducing human-caused methane emissions is one of the most cost-effective strategies to rapidly reduce the rate of warming and contribute significantly to global efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Pristine Boulder Creek flows from the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness toward the Lochsa River in the Clearwater National Forest of northern Idaho. (Photo: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
"This is a critical opportunity for Americans to come together to build a new,...
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupted a General Dynamics shareholder meeting in Reston, Virginia on May 5, 2021. (Photo: Medea Benjamin)
CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin took CEO Phebe Novakovic to task for "...


We're just gonna leave this photo here of two smart, tough, accomplished women - one of color, and the first and second in line of succession to the presidency - on the House dais before Joe Biden's first speech to a joint session of Congress, which he opened with the mellifluous if belated phrase, "Madam Speaker, Madam Vice-President." The media called the presence of Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi "historic." But we prefer Harris' term when asked the significance. "Normal," she said.

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