Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Outmoded narratives and facile calls for 'unity' must be replaced with a new vision of politics that is explicitly inclusive and participatory," concludes new analysis
- Common Dreams staff
Reclaiming Our Time
"More than ever, we need all women and allies to come together to collectively...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Trump opioid crisis
President's remarks on opioid epidemic little more than a collection of Reagan-...


Honoring the tenacity of creative resistance, even in the most onerous political climates, comes "Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism," a London exhibit of Russian protest art over the last 25 years. Ranging from photography to performance art and marking the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the show is a reminder of the universal power of protest in bleak times; it urges us, says Pussy Riot, to "Just do riot in your country."