Andrea Germanos, staff writer
March for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philadelphia
The new effort will focus on utilities' monopolies and reliance on fossil fuels.
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
 The BMJ last week announced its fossil fuel divestment campaign.
The journal rolled out a "stellar set of ambitions," said climate group Divest...
Jon Queally, staff writer
A large coalition of residents and public interest groups lobbied the state legislature in Des Moines, Iowa to demand support for a moratorium on building new, and expanding existing, factory farms—also known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The coalition of factory farm opponents also presented a petition to all 2020 presidential candidates calling on them to support the state moratorium as well as federal legislation to curtail factory farms.  (Photo: Citizens for Community Improvement A
"Any agricultural platform that does not adequately address the worsening...


Because God knows he's under no pressure these unimpeachable days, Trump along with his unholy henchmen is big time doing up the "sanctity of life" thing - joining anti-abortion zealots, renaming Health and Human Services the gob-smacking "Department of Life," sending an official Space Force Bible into the cosmos and otherwise insisting he is “fighting for those who have no voice," as long as "those" are white, Christian and Trump-inclined. The irate consensus: " Good job doing fascism, guys."

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