Jake Johnson, staff writer
Elizabeth Warren Democratic Party Wall Street
"Money is going to drown our democracy, and if we don't start fighting back, and fighting back more aggressively, then we are part of the problem as well."
Jon Queally, staff writer
"Any lawmaker of any party who fails to sign the discharge petition in support...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"At the end of the day, particularly in a rich country like the United States,...


Bearing signs declaring “Will Trade Racists for Refugees,” Portland, Oregon activists protesting Trump's horrors against immigrant families held a vigil Sunday at a local ICE facility - and then decided to stay. By Wednesday, after temporarily blockading ICE officers inside, their burgeoning occupation - 30 tents, kitchen, library, barricades, medical tent, stashes of food and water - had forced ICE to shut down its operations "due to security concerns."