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Maria Langholz,

Landmark Antitrust Case Against Amazon Represents Crucial Moment Against Big Tech Monopolies

Today the Federal Trade Commission and 17 state attorneys general announced a landmark antitrust lawsuit against Amazon focused on the tech giant's monopolistic practices in the online marketplaces for consumers and small businesses.

In response to the announcement, Demand Progress Communications Director Maria Langholz issued the following statement:

"The lawsuit announced today by the FTC and 17 state attorneys general against Amazon is long overdue. Amazon has been shamelessly engaging in exclusionary and unfair tactics to trap third-party sellers in its own marketplaces, gouge them with predatory fees, and punish them for trying to offer lower prices to consumers. These monopolistic practices are enabling Amazon to strengthen its grip over ecommerce and enrich itself at everyone else's expense. We applaud the FTC for bringing this case to crack down on Amazon's abuses of its monopoly power.

"This marks a historic step in challenging Amazon's abuse of its market dominance and its anti-consumer, anti-worker, anti-small business practices. This lawsuit should further be a catalyst for a broader conversation about the need to break up Amazon as the best and most effective remedy.

"Again and again we have seen monopolistic corporations treat monetary fines for breaking the law like a rounding error and court-ordered prohibitions against their unlawful business practices as mere suggestions. As the world's largest online retailer with monopolistic hooks growing into related sectors, unfortunately Amazon is now just as famously becoming a model for companies on tricking consumers, treating workers unfairly, exploiting small businesses, and forcing out rivals with impunity."

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