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Tracy Adair,

In Relentless, The Supreme Court Could Overturn a Decades Old Rule Critical to Protecting All Americans

Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in two cases – Relentless, Inc. v. Commerce and Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. Both these cases concern the Chevron doctrine, which established judges must defer to scientists and experts at federal agencies responsible for administering a law if that law is vague or ambiguous. If overturned, it would reverse 40 years of precedent, creating chaos and uncertainty while giving judges more power than agency experts. Ending this decades long precedent would significantly hinder the federal government’s ability to protect communities and the American people.

Stand Up America’s Senior Associate of Policy and Political Affairs, Tishan Weerasooriya, issued the following statement:

"Relentless provides this MAGA Court another opportunity to undermine our fundamental rights and freedoms. If the MAGA justices of the Court overturn another decades old precedent it will greatly reduce the ability of scientists and experts at government agencies to defend every Americans’ right to clean water and air, worker protections, healthcare, and more.

“In the past, the MAGA justices on the Court have opted to side with wealthy special interests over expert guidance. Billionaires and elite corporations have been gunning to overturn this precedent for years, hoping to increase their profits even further if experts and scientists are no longer setting safety standards. If the Roberts’ Court overturns Chevron, it will continue to erode our fundamental freedoms and safety in deference to the wealthy and corporations.

"Everyday Americans deserve a Court we can trust. This MAGA Court must stop the relentless attack on our freedoms. Congress must also pass commonsense reforms to the Supreme Court including the TERM Act, the SCERT Act, and adding new justices to restore balance to this ultra-conservative Court.”

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