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Statement of MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting on the Supreme Court Ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health

We won't go back, but we will overturn the GOP.


"Today, the Supreme Court decimated nearly 50 years worth of progress and for the first time in generations stripped us of our rights, freedoms, and control over our bodies. It is an outrageous and dangerous ruling which proves this court is nothing more than an arm of the Republican Party. Let's be clear: Six justices did not overturn Roe; the entire Republican Party did. It makes the extremism of the modern-day Republican Party bare for all to see.

"We are the majority. And Republicans packed the courts to accomplish through the courts what voters have repeatedly rejected at the ballot box. We will hold every Republican accountable for overturning Roe and further eviscerating abortion access. We have one message today for every Republican who has pushed these draconian policies for years and who attempts to put abortion bans into effect in the states: we'll see you at the ballot box."

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