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Peter Hart,,

More Fracking Is Not the Answer to Energy Crisis

White House must champion clean energy solutions, not more fossil fuels.


European leaders and White House officials are developing plans to deal with the energy crisis exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Corporate interests are cynically seizing on this moment to push forward an agenda to entrench fossil fuel dominance for decades to come, moves that would all but doom the necessary shift away from dirty energy.

In anticipation of these announcements, Food & Water Watch Managing Director of Policy Mitch Jones released the following statement:

"The solution to the energy crisis exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine isn't doubling down on fracking here in the United States - or anywhere else. The fossil fuel industry, which is enjoying soaring profits amidst considerable suffering, pushes fracked gas exports as the solution, despite the fact that new fossil fuel export infrastructure will take years to develop, and Europe lacks infrastructure to move LNG through the continent.

"President Biden should firmly reject any plans to fast track gas export terminals here in the United States. Corporate polluters are brazenly seizing on this crisis to secure decades of dependence on dirty energy, which will further devastate frontline communities and abandon any hopes for bold climate action.

"This crisis must drive political leaders to prioritize energy independence by speeding the transition to clean, renewable energy coupled with increasing energy efficiency - not deepening our foolish dependence on polluting fossil fuels. We urge leaders here and abroad to craft policies that prioritize peace and climate stability, not corporate profiteering and geopolitical manipulation."

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