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New Yorkers Demand NY Gov. Cuomo Tax The Rich for a Green New Deal

Phara Souffrant Forrest Joins Climate Activists at Rockaway Beach Action to Respond to Hurricane Laura, Wildfires 
QUEENS, New York -

Nearly eight years after Superstorm Sandy, activists gathered on Rockaway Beach on Friday afternoon to draw attention to New York’s vulnerability to the climate crisis, and to send a large message—dug into the sand—to Governor Cuomo.

This action comes as Texans and Louisianians assess the destruction of Hurricane Laura, just ahead of the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Saturday. Record-breaking wildfires continue to ravage California, and rare hurricane-like derechos flooded Iowa and the Midwest communities earlier this month amidst record-breaking temperatures and a global pandemic.

Organizers are gearing up for a Movement for a Green New Deal for NY on Saturday, September 26th in Manhattan, with more details to come. 

"I stand in solidarity with the survivors of climate disasters from the Rockaways to the Gulf Coast to Port-au-Prince. I’m tired of seeing the working class being sacrificed for the profits of the 1%,” said Assemblymember elect Phara Souffrant Forrest. “My constituents are sending me to Albany with a mandate to demand a Green New Deal, and an entire movement will be coming with me to tell Governor Cuomo: tax the rich for a Green New Deal."

"Now more than ever, climate change exacerbated by environmental racism impacts our communities. Hurricane Laura’s devastation and raging wildfires in California are two tragic instances occurring with more frequency due to climate change; our prayers are with everyone impacted, along with a resounding call for immediate action and change in environmental policy,” said Assemblymember-Elect Khaleel Anderson.“We need to fight for a Green New Deal for Southeast Queens, for New York City and for our entire nation. We demand that our leaders push efforts to tax the rich and fund climate justice that will positively impact all New Yorkers.” 

“The devastation in California and Louisiana remind us just how little time we have to turn this ship around. With only 5% of New York’s electricity being sourced from solar and wind, Governor Cuomo is asleep at the wheel in his efforts to counter Trump’s blows to our climate. We need a bold Green New Deal for New York, yesterday,” said Laura Shindell, Food & Water Action organizer.

“New Yorkers’ energy bills have been going up for years to expand fracked gas use but when it comes to building renewables we’re always told we can’t afford it,” said Lee Ziesche with Sane Energy Project. “Enough. Climate change is here and we need a Green New Deal now paid for by those who have been extracting wealth from our communities for decades.”


350 Action is the independent political action arm of the non-profit, non-partisan climate justice group

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