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New CA Fracking Campaign Launches in 15 Cities


As statewide pressure mounts to ban fracking in California, CREDO is helping local activists launch campaigns to pressure local government officials to ban fracking in several cities, towns and counties, including many located on the Monterey Shale, a vast area that oil companies want to frack. California activists have launched 15 campaigns in several towns and cities across California, including Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Luis Obispo, urging their local elected officials to protect California's water and ban fracking in their communities. The petition urging the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to ban fracking has already garnered more than 5,500 signatures from local residents.

The local activists have launched petitions on CREDO's member generated petition site targeting California city council and county supervisors, who have broad authority to ban the toxic practice. The petitions will continue to gain support over the coming weeks and will be delivered to Gov. Brown and to local elected officials throughout the Summer and Fall.

Check out the full list of campaigns here:

"If Gov. Brown fracks California, he will jeopardize the state's precious water system that his father, then-Gov. Pat Brown, worked tirelessly to preserve," said Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager for CREDO. "That's why Californians living on the Monterey Shale are stepping up to call on Gov. Brown and their local elected officials to ban fracking. We hope that Gov. Brown will take notice of California's groundswell of opposition to fracking and ban this toxic practice in our state."

"My petition is about protecting water, our most vital and sacred resource, from an industry that has a history of causing irreparable and irreversible damage to communities," said Jeanne Blackwell, who launched a campaign to ban fracking in San Luis Obispo.

The campaign is part of a broader effort to pressure Gov. Brown and other elected officials to ban fracking in California and protect the state's precious water source. While Gov. Brown has yet to take a public stand on fracking, he recently suggested he would consider the controversial practice of fracking.

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