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Demos Responds to NLRB Proposal to Protect Collective Bargaining Rights


Yesterday, Demos, a national public policy center, submitted public comment in support of proposed rules from National Labor Relations Board that will address current barriers to collective bargaining in the workplace. Demos President Miles Rapoport issued the following statement regarding the public comment and Demos' call for the NLRB to continue to address the many remaining grave labor issues:

"We applaud the National Labor Relations Board for addressing need to amend the Board's rules governing representation of employees for the purposes of collective bargaining. Proposed Rule Making (RIN 3142-AA08) is an important step in leveling the playing field in union elections. The goal of the National Labor Relations Act is to assure that employees are able to 'bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing.' Unfortunately, all too often workers in the private sector are not able to freely exercise this right. It is encouraging to see steps being taken to preserve the right to collective bargaining.

"Given the power of employers over workers' livelihoods and their willingness to use that power to discourage unionization, it is little wonder that relatively few workers in the United States are able to realize their desire to collectively bargain for wages and benefits. The changes to the Board's procedures contained in this Notice of Proposed Rule Making will make a modest but significant contribution to addressing current barriers to the American right of collective bargaining. Demos will continue to work to ensure further steps are taken by the NLRB to preserve collective bargaining rights in America."


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Demos is a think tank that powers the movement for a just, inclusive, multiracial democracy. Through cutting-edge policy research, inspiring litigation, and deep relationships with grassroots organizations, Demos champions solutions that will create a democracy and economy rooted in racial equity.