Senator Kerry Pledges to Follow Capitulation with Compromise

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Senator Kerry Pledges to Follow Capitulation with Compromise

Friends of the Earth Responds to Senator Kerry’s ‘Compromise’ Comments

a White House meeting focused on climate and energy legislation today,
John Kerry offered the following, concise summary of Senate Democrats’
climate strategy: “We
believe we have compromised significantly, and we’re prepared to
compromise further.” (

of the Earth’s president, Erich Pica, had the following response:

“Capitulate, then
compromise is not a strategy that will produce a real climate bill. It's
for senators to stop caving to corporate polluters and start listening
to the
people they represent who are demanding clean, safe energy and jobs.”

noted that Friends of the Earth and a broad coalition of allied
have set forth seven principles describing what real climate legislation
achieve. Those principles are available at


Friends of the Earth is the U.S. voice of the world's largest grassroots environmental network, with member groups in 77 countries. Since 1969, Friends of the Earth has fought to create a more healthy, just world.

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