Cape Wind, Not Offshore Drilling, Is the Clean Energy Future America Deserves

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Cape Wind, Not Offshore Drilling, Is the Clean Energy Future America Deserves

Nationwide - Kert Davies, Research Director at Greenpeace, in
response to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s announcement today that
the Cape Wind offshore wind project will be allowed to move forward to
construction after nearly a decade of debate and deliberation:

“Today’s announcement that Cape Wind
is moving forward is an enormous step forward toward America's clean
energy future and the fight to solve global warming.  It is a shot of
welcome good news in the face of climate and energy policy confusion in
Washington and an oil spill of epic proportions in the Gulf.
 Greenpeace has been campaigning to get the Cape Wind project built for
nearly a decade, and today’s victory is worth celebrating. It it long

There could be no clearer direction for America’s energy future and
global warming leadership, and Greenpeace is calling upon President
Obama to think twice about his recently announced plans to open the
door to more risky offshore drilling and to prioritize renewable energy
projects like Cape Wind instead.

Cape Wind is the keystone project that we hope kickstarts America’s
clean energy future—real action to replace the rhetoric, and an example
of making a large-scale renewable energy project work for a community,
and installing global warming solutions that show US leadership.

Instead of pursuing expansion of dangerous offshore oil drilling that
will do nothing to solve our oil addiction, America should be investing
our time and money in renewable energy and global warming solutions.
 In fact, Cape Wind will make obsolete an old dirty oil-burning power
plant with 420 megawatts of new clean electricity.

The Cape Wind project will protect residents, beaches and marine
wildlife from pollution and help to slow global warming, which should
be of top priority to residents of coastal areas like Cape Cod,
Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.  It will also promote economic
vitality in the region through the creation of green jobs.  This is the
future of clean energy that we’ve been promised – and what America




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