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Statement on China Labor Watch Report: Walmart Standards Fail, Workers Suffer

WASHINGTON - China Labor Watch’s alarming new report shows that when Walmart saves
money on its China-sourced products, workers certainly do not live
better. China Labor Watch documented substandard working and living
conditions for thousands of Chinese workers toiling to make products
for Walmart.

According to China Labor Watch, roughly 1,800 workers at the
Dashing Decoration Company in Dongguan City specialize in producing
candles and Christmas lights for Walmart.

The CLW report documents that Dashing workers:

• Fail to receive basic information required by the Labor Contract Law.

• Sometimes work 24 consecutive hours and only get two days off per month.

• Work mandatory overtime hours without legal overtime
compensation. Workers who refuse will receive a penalty equivalent to
three day wages.

• Are asked to lie during audits and sign false pay stubs to deceive clients.

• Live in employer-provided housing with inhumane conditions.
Bathrooms have no running water, canteen sanitation is poor and fees
are deducted from wages regardless of whether workers eat there.

• Pay 9 days wages in fines for absence of more than half a day and lose wages if production quotas are not met.

The majority of products sold on Walmart’s shelves are manufactured
overseas, and China is home to tens of thousands of factories supplying
the giant retailer. The CLW report offers a startling glimpse inside
the working lives of employees at four Walmart suppliers in China.

Walmart is setting the global standard by using business practices
that take the “save money” mantra to such an extreme that workers are
exploited and lives destroyed. Walmart should spread American standards
to all its overseas operations and adopt the principles outlined in the
American Values Agenda for Change at Walmart.

Because Walmart is a presence in so many of our communities,
because it employs so many people in the U.S. and around the world, it
is uniquely positioned to be a powerful force for positive change. We
challenge Walmart, to join with us and work to create the vibrant
workplace, the healthy planet and the thriving community that we all
want and are willing and ready to work for.


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