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NWC Releases Deposition Video of Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

WASHINGTON - Yesterday the National
Whistleblowers Center released the video of the August 8th deposition
of national security whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.  Ms. Edmonds
testified before the Ohio Elections Commission in response to a
subpoena in the Schmidt v. Krikorian case.  Despite efforts by
both the Department of Justice and the FBI to prevent her deposition,
Ms. Edmonds was allowed to testify freely.

Ms. Edmonds was a
former FBI translator who was illegally fired from the FBI after making
protected disclosures. An independent investigation by the Department
of Justice Office of Inspector General confirmed the serious misconduct
committed by the FBI and the illegality of her termination.  On or
about October
18, 2002 the previous administration invoked the state secrets
privilege in order to have Ms. Edmonds's whistleblower/First Amendment
claims dismissed and to protect the government from

Michael D. Kohn, counsel for Ms. Edmonds and NWC
President, released the following statement on Ms. Edmonds' testimony:
"Ms. Edmonds exemplifies why national security employees need strong
whistleblower protection."   And that "it is troubling when the
government improperly hides behind 'national security' as it did in the
case of Ms. Edmonds simply to conceal embarrassment and the truth from
the American public."

Mr. Kohn added "We are pleased that Ms.
Edmonds was finally able to tell her story, but many other national
security whistleblowers are still forced to remain silence.  Congress
can address the abuse by passing H.R. 1507, which provides court access
and jury trials for national security employees."
You can watch the video of the deposition (available in 2 parts) and read the full transcript by clicking here.


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