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Soldier Refuses Afghanistan Deployment

WASHINGTON - U.S. Army Specialist Victor Agosto has received a court martial for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

Jamail, an independent journalist who has covered Iraq extensively, is author of The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He said today: "Specialist Agosto stands as a model for soldiers who
refuse to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. By following both the Uniform
Code of Military Justice, which orders soldiers not to obey illegal
orders, and his clear articulation that, as a soldier, he believes the
order to deploy to either occupation to be illegal, his patriotism is
clear. His stand has already caused another soldier, Sergeant Travis
Bishop, to also refuse orders to deploy to Afghanistan." For Jamail's
recent article on Agosto see "Afghanistan War Resister to 'Put the War on Trial.'"



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