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Fox News: Leaving Fairness on the Cutting Room Floor

Network Demonstrates Pattern of Airing Selectively Edited Footage to Smear Progressives


In the last two weeks, Media
Matters for America
has documented multiple examples of Fox News
hosts and correspondents airing doctored video or quotes clearly taken out of
context to smear progressives. These instances were not anomalous but part of a larger pattern -- detailed
today in a Media Matters special
report and video.

Watch the video in its entirety:

"Fox News is cropping and
rearranging reality instead of reporting the facts,"
said Erikka Knuti,
a spokesperson for Media Matters.
"It is deceptive and dishonest. Fox
News viewers deserve
the unedited truth, not the
manufactured smears they've been getting."

Media Matters has documented numerous examples --
dating back to 2006 -- of Fox News airing deceptively edited
footage of President Obama, former Vice President Al Gore, Vice President Joe
Biden, former President Bill Clinton, Rep. Barney Frank, and several Democratic
senators. Indeed, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum recently apologized for one such instance. However, from
April 24 to May 1, the network's deceptive editing was especially
egregious. Media Matters found Fox News airing
deceptively cropped clips on three separate occasions:

Fox's Garrett deceptively cropped
Obama remark on judicial role

Summary: Fox News'
Major Garrett deceptively cropped a remark by President Obama that Garrett said
"aggravates those who believe justices should follow the Constitution and
legislative intent," omitting Obama's statement that he would seek a
Supreme Court nominee who "honors our constitutional traditions" and
"respects ... the appropriate limits of the judicial role."

Ingraham uses doctored video to smear

Summary:O'Reilly Factor guest host Laura
Ingraham presented clips of Al Gore's recent congressional testimony that had
been edited to remove his statements that he donates the money he makes from
his climate-related work to a non-profit organization.

Goler reverses meaning of Obama quote
to falsely suggest he supports European-style health care

Summary: Fox News'
Wendell Goler cropped a comment by President Obama and took it out of context
to falsely suggest that he supports creating a health care system "like
the European countries." In fact, Obama was paraphrasing the town hall
question he had been asked before explaining why he opposed such a system.

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News' deceptive editing, visit

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