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Tim Carpenter, PDA Executive Director,  (413)-320-2015

Laura Bonham, PDA Communications Coordinator, (435)-336-2123

Progressives Democrats of America to Lead Anti-Bailout Rallies


Dear Friend,

Thursday, September 25th, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is
joining True Majority, Code Pink, Backbone Campaign, UFPJ, USAction,
Democracy for America, ADA, and several other organizations to take the
debate about the proposed bailout into the streets. PDA members will
attend and help plan rallies in high traffic locations to oppose the
Bush Administration bailout, and to call for responsible, effective
solutions to current economic problems. PDA members will also continue
making calls to their Senators in opposition to the bailout. For a listing of rallies, please click here.

Tim Carpenter, PDA Executive Director says,
"The Bush administration has spent more than $800 billion for wars in
Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they're demanding a $700 billion blank check
for Wall Street using the same old scare tactics and threats to avoid
public debate and Congressional oversight. Our members are showing our support for a responsible plan by rallying against the Bush Blank Check Bailout. We say, 'Bring Home the Troops and Bail Out Main Street--not Wall Street!'"

Laura Bonham, PDA Communications Coordinator adds,
"Any action must address our communities' needs. We have to uncover the
roots of the meltdown, and impose guidelines to make sure the solution
will benefit average working Americans. Progressive activists are
making thousands of calls to Congress opposing Bush's Blank Check. Our
sources tell us that the tide is slowly turning. We're leading the way,
demanding accountability for the Wall Street Robber Barons along with
help for average Americans in need. That's the real solution to this
economic crisis."

PDA Board Member Congressman Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ)
also questions the $700 billion bailout. He released a media advisory
earlier this week explaining, "Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's
warning that 'the future health of the American economy depends on the
swift passage of the $700 billion bailout for Wall Street' is
ridiculous. ... I have serious concerns about this so-called plan.
Every man, woman and child in America will ante up $2000 each to bail
out the very people who created this crisis. ... I will only support a
responsible package that will actually help the economy and protect the
taxpayer. This package must be transparent, coupled with tough new
oversight and regulations of our financial institutions."

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