'Where's My Mom?' 5-Year-Old in Gaza Survives Weight of Building Dropped on Her by Israeli Bomb

A young child is removed from the rubble after the building she was in was bombed by Israeli forces in Gaza.

'Where's My Mom?' 5-Year-Old in Gaza Survives Weight of Building Dropped on Her by Israeli Bomb

"The bomb that killed her family was most likely American. As an American, your tax money paid for it."

Footage of a young girl rescued from beneath the rubble of a building in central Gaza overnight is among the latest graphic images to emerge from the Palestinian enclave as Israel intensifies its military assault and anger grows over U.S. complicity in the carnage that has left over 35,000 people—mostly innocent men, women, and children—dead and hundreds of thousands of others missing, severely wounded, or displaced.

Civil Defense teams in Gaza, who spoke to the young child by the name "Tulin," dug her out by hand after following her cries for help. "Where's my mom?" the girl can be heard saying in Arabic.

While footage of the rescue was widely available available on both X and YouTube, all of the versions were restricted and not available for reposting or embedding.

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"Having survived the weight of a building being bombed to pieces on her fragile body, Tulin is crying for her mother," said Rawan Arraf, a lawyer and the executive director of the Australian Centre for International Justice. Arraf was among those who reported that Tulin's mother did not survive the bombing.

"Tulin's mama was murdered by the genocidal Israeli regime," Arraf said. "More than 19,000 children have been orphaned; 6,000 mothers have been murdered."

"The bomb that killed her family was most likely American. As an American, your tax money paid for it," said Trita Parsi, executive vice president for Responsible Statecraft, a U.S.-based foreign policy think tank.

The attack that claimed Turin's mother comes as Israeli forces bombed targets in norther, central, and southern Gaza over the last 24 hours. Airstrikes were reported in Rafah in the far south, where approximately 1.4 million people remain trapped, as well as in the north were the Jabalia refugee camp came under heavy barrage on Sunday and fighting on the ground between Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas fighters was also reported.

Hundreds of thousands have tried to flee Rafah in recent days, according to the United Nations, who warned that providing humanitarian aid would be nearly impossible if the Israelis pressed ahead with a major invasion of the city.

Gaza's Health Ministry on Monday said its entire health system could collapse "within hours" if fuel was not secured for the hospitals that remain active.

Junaid Sultan, a vascular surgeon who spent time volunteering in Rafah, told Al-Jazeera that hospitals without power would be a "death sentence" for patients in Gaza.

Hospitals in Gaza, he said, "are running out pretty much today and if fuel is not provided, then they will basically run out of electricity, water," leaving them incapable of operation. "[If] that fuel does not come in, that will be a death sentence to not only 100, but thousands of patients," he warned.

In a desperate message on Sunday, Philippe Lazzarini, Commissioner-General of UNRWA, which administers humanitarian relief in Gaza on behalf of the U.N., said the people of Gaza are "enduring unprecedented suffering" in the current moment.

"Everything has been said already," Lazzarini lamented. "No words are left that can do justice to the people of Gaza. They are people like you and I. They used to have drams, they were part of a vibrant and diverse community... Now it's only broken lives and broken futures."

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