GOP Handmaid's Tale video

A viral one-minute video shows what potential encounters with police officers could look like if abortion is criminalized. (Photo: MeidasTouch/screenshot)

'Evening, Ladies... Where You Headed?': Viral Video Previews Dystopian Post-Roe Future

"Republicans have taken away your right to choose. Now take away their right to govern."

A brief video released as the right-wing U.S Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade and GOP lawmakers plot a nationwide six-week abortion ban has been viewed over half a million times on Twitter since Monday, when Justice Samuel Alito's draft majority opinion leaked.

MeidasTouch, a self-described "pro-democracy, next-generation super PAC," is responsible for the one-minute video, which takes inspiration from The Handmaid's Tale--a famous novel by Margaret Atwood that's been turned into an award-winning television series.

The video begins with a conversation between a mother and daughter as police officers approach their vehicle. The officer on the driver's side knocks on the window and says, "Evening, ladies," before asking for the mother's license and "Where you headed?"

After the mother gives a flustered answer, an officer asks the daughter's name and then, "Are you pregnant, Grace?" before ordering her to "step out of the vehicle."

"Mom!" Grace shouts as an officer opens the door and yanks her from the passenger seat.

Echoing the message at the end of the video, MeidasTouch tweeted: "Republicans have taken away your right to choose. Now take away their right to govern. #GOPHandmaidsTale."

Some viewers, including pro-choice writer and activist Sunsara Taylor, responded with calls to action.

"Powerful video, but: 1: No. They have NOT yet taken this right away. Let's STOP IT BEFORE THEY DO!" Taylor tweeted of the GOP. "2: The way to stop them is through MASSIVE RESISTANCE IN THE STREETS NOW, not waiting for the next election."

As Common Dreams reported, defenders of reproductive freedom took to the streets across the United States on Tuesday to protest the forthcoming Supreme Court decision and GOP attacks on bodily autonomy.

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