Feminist Icon and 'Vagina Monologues' Playwright Eve Ensler Delivers 'Must Watch' Endorsement for Bernie Sanders

"We don't need a savior, we need us. And we need Bernie because he empowers us." (Photo: Twitter)

Feminist Icon and 'Vagina Monologues' Playwright Eve Ensler Delivers 'Must Watch' Endorsement for Bernie Sanders

"Do you feel that energy? That's the energy of the people of America who got left out, finally finding each other."

Feminist activist and writer Eve Ensler--playwright of "The Vagina Monologues" and founder of V Day and One Billion Rising--delivered a riveting endorsement speech for Bernie Sanders in San Jose, California on Sunday, calling him the "best choice for the most vulnerable among us."

"As a feminist and a supporter of women rights, I was initially surprised to find myself supporting an older white man. But we all have many pieces within us. I am anti-imperialist, I'm a feminist, I'm an anti-racist, I'm a pansexual, I'm a climate change activist, I'm a survivor, I'm an artist, and we must rise to challenge, holding and prioritizing all of these moving parts. I believe Bernie Sanders is the best choice for the most vulnerable amongst us," Ensler said to thunderous applause.

"I am standing with Bernie Sanders because he is openly and decidedly anti-imperialist."

She continued, "I have given my life to movements, to building movements, and I think I have finally found the movement I have been waiting for."

With Californians voting in Super Tuesday, Ensler also hit back against the "Bernie Bro" narrative, saying: "And by the way, can we cut this myth of the Bernie Bros. I have never met such beautiful, tender, open-hearted men as I have met in this campaign, and by the way, and by the way, it seems to me, that things are pretty much run by women and particularly, women of color."

Watch a clip (the full speech can be viewed here):

The speech received wide applause from people across Twitter:

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