New Ad Campaign Ties Biden to 'Heartless' GOP Efforts to Cut Social Security

A new ad takes aim at former Vice President Joe Biden's history of working with Republicans to cut Social Security and other benefits. (Image: Organize for Justice/screenshot)

New Ad Campaign Ties Biden to 'Heartless' GOP Efforts to Cut Social Security

"Why did Joe Biden join Republicans to attack benefits for seniors?"

Organize for Justice, the 501(c)4 campaign arm of Justice Democrats, is rolling out a series of primary campaign ads targeting former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg in early states voting and caucusing to select the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Biden's history as a senator from Delaware was the topic of the first ad, which highlights Biden's multiple statements over the years expressing approval for "heartless" efforts by Republicans to cut Social Security and other public services.

"Why did Joe Biden join Republicans to attack benefits for seniors?" wondered activist Jordan Uhl.

Justice Democrats executive director Alexandra Rojas, who serves as the board president for Organize for Justice, told Common Dreams in a statement that the reality of the U.S. political system forced them into producing the commercials to show the American people the truth.

"As billionaires, SuperPACs, and corporate-backed front groups spend millions to misinform voters about progressive policies and candidates, the progressive movement has to fight back," said Rojas. "Americans need to know about Biden's and Buttigieg's records and their relationships with corporate executives and donors."

The first ad is just the beginning, the group said.

Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder Cliff Albright, in a statement, endorsed the efforts by Organize for Justice to air the details of Buttigieg and Biden's pasts and took specific aim at Biden's comments last year seen as praising segregationists.

"Black America, and by extension all America, needs a presidential candidate who is willing to confront white supremacy," said Albright. "Not pine for the good old days when it was at its height. Not negotiate with it. Not appease it and not hide from it."

Organize for Justice intends to spend around $500,000 on ads over the next two months in early states:

Some of the ads highlight Biden's record working with Republicans to support the Iraq War, the crime bill, and cuts to social security, as well as his poor leadership during the Anita Hill hearings and his support for the bankruptcy bill. Other ads highlight Buttigieg's record at McKinsey, his cozy relationship with Wall Street and Big Pharma, and his flip-flopping over Medicare for All.

Iowa CCI Action Fund organizer Jack Reardon endorsed Organize for Justice's approach.

"Americans have a right to know which candidates are accountable to everyday people," said Reardon, "and which candidates have chosen to be accountable to big money and corporations."

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