"If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout

A supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sees to her right an approaching man who will proceed to use his body to block her from getting her message out to viewers of MSNBC. (Photo: Devon Lamoreaux/Twitter)

"If We Win They Can't Act Like We Don't Exist": Bernie Sanders Supporter Blocked From TV Interview in Live Example of #BernieBlackout

"This woman was awesome."

In an over-the-top in your face moment on Wednesday night before the Democratic debate in Atlanta, a Michigan supporter of 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was blocked from television cameras as a more conservative voter was being interviewed.

The video, which was captured by activist Devon Lamoreaux, shows an NBC News reporter interviewing a voter concerned over so-called fiscal responsibility as a woman in the background holding a sign supporting Sanders is acrobatically blocked by a large man.

The sign, an apparent reference to the senator's performance in the 2016 Democratic primary, reads: "Bernie won MI. 73 counties. Kent Co by 25%." Eventual nominee Hillary Clinton lost Michigan to now-President Donald Trump as part of one of the largest political upsets in history.

"MSNBC 20 minutes before the debate are talking to voters and the woman says mostly people interested in Biden and Buttigieg," said Lamoreaux. "But as you can see there were a lot of Bernie supporters behind them."

"If we win they can't act like we don't exist," Lamoreaux added. "Never give up!"

While Sanders has struggled to get sustained coverage from the corporate media, leading many progressives to dub the silence around his campaign the #BernieBlackout, his campaign has relied on grassroots activists and independent media to get the message out.

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