'Trump Has Stoked the Fire in the Middle East': 8 Clips From Sanders Town Hall on Iran Deal Sabotage

Sen. Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall Monday night in Washington, D.C. to examine the consequences of Trump's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. (Photo: Sanders.senate.gov)

'Trump Has Stoked the Fire in the Middle East': 8 Clips From Sanders Town Hall on Iran Deal Sabotage

Online event was latest in series of independent forums focused on crucial issue poorly covered by corporate news outlets

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) hosted the latest in his series of town hall-style forums on Monday night, this time tackling the issues of U.S. foreign policy with a focus on the recent decision by the Trump administration to violate the internationally forged nuclear agreement with Iran.

The town hall was live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in partnership with The Guardian, The Intercept, NowThis, The Young Turks, Act.tv and MoveOn.org.

Having toldVICE News in a recent interview that he worries the U.S. for too long has had what he describes as "one-party foreign policy," on Monday night Sanders told his online audience that while the endless wars of recents years have taken an enormous toll, "I do believe that in their heart of hearts the American people want to see their government play a constructive role around the world and bring people together."

Discussing the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Trump's counterproductive attack on the Iran deal, Monday's massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza the U.S.-backed Israeli government, and other related issues--Sanders and his invited panel of experts asked key questions about the failures of U.S. policy, the role of American power in the world, and the real-world implications of the foreign policy path now being pursued by Trump and his pro-war cabinet.

What follows is a sample of selected clips from the evening.

"If you are concerned about education, infrastructure and health care, then you should be concerned about foreign policy." --Sen. Sanders

"President Trump's decision to violate the [Iran nuclear] agreement was by far the most destructive act of his presidency." --Joe Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund

"Trump has stoked the fire in the Middle East rather than calm it." --Suzanne DiMaggio, New America Senior Fellow

"There are people who welcome a breakdown of this agreement and welcome getting back the possibility of regime change."--Lara Friedman, president of Foundation for Middle East Peace

"American policy in the Middle East is in free fall."

"The Constitution is very clear that it is Congress and not the president who has war-making powers. Congress has abdicated that responsibility for a very long time."

"This is not America first. This is America alone."

Watch the entire event below:

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