'Just To Be Clear,' Say Groups, 'If Trump Fires Rosenstein That Absolutely Triggers the Nationwide Protests'

"We will be in a constitutional crisis if the president fires Rosenstein, the same as if he fires Bob Mueller."

Activists urged Americans to be ready to protest if the president fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. (Photo: Internet Education Foundation/Flickr/cc)

Progressive activists are warning the more than 300,000 Americans who have pledged to take to the streets if President Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller, that a dismissal of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would result those same planned demonstrations.

Norm Eisen, chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) explained in a video posted on social media by MoveOn.org that Trump's firing of Rosenstein--which the White House is reportedly preparing for--would amount to an obstruction of justice in the same way Mueller's hypothetical ouster would.

"Rod Rosenstein, who supervises Mueller, who made the choice to put Mueller in place--by removing him the president knows he can throttle Mueller," said Eisen, a former White House ethics attorney. "If the president can get him out of there he can attempt to put somebody else in who will control Mueller, who will tell him, 'You can't investigate certain things,' who might cut his budget...So without the explosion that firing Mueller would cause the president can slowly choke off this investigation."

To learn the game plan in the event that Trump does fire either Rosenstein or Mueller, and find the demonstration planned nearest you, visit the Nobody Is Above the Law website.

On Twitter, the government watchdog Pubic Citizen posted a map of more than 800 protests that are planned in all 50 states should Trump take action to undermine the special counsel's investigation, along with a link to the website where Americans can sign up to join a demonstration.

"In our country the central principle of the constitution is, no person is above the law," said Eisen. "We will be in a constitutional crisis if the president fires Rosenstein, the same as if he fires Bob Mueller, and we are calling on all of you to sign up to defend our democracy if that happens."

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