Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule

Donald Trump Jr. was heavily criticized for a tweet he posted Tuesday night, in which he compared taking his daughter's Halloween candy away from her to a socialist economic system. (Photo: Disney/ABC Television Group/Flickr/cc)

Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule

In tweet, the president's son betrays his limited understanding of the realities of a socialist economy

In his latest ill-advised candy-inspired metaphor promoting Republican ideals and his father's agenda, Donald Trump Jr. attempted to teach his Twitter followers a lesson about socialism on Tuesday night.

Trump used an imaginary scenario in which his daughter's Halloween candy would be taken from her and given to a child who didn't go trick-or-treating, as a comparison to a socialist system in which the government oversees an equitable distribution of goods and services.

During the presidential campaign last year, Trump shared his thoughts on the United States' refugee policy by explaining that welcoming Syrians fleeing a years-long civil war would be akin to eating a bowl of Skittles in which an unknown quantity of the candy was poisoned.

As with his earlier analogy, Trump's Halloween-themed Twitter post drew ridicule from critics who noted that the child's candy could be used to teach a variety of economic lessons--from capitalism to President Donald Trump's tax plan and the Trump family's own nepotism and corruption.

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