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Poll Shows Majority of Americans Agree Trump 'Reckless,' 'Dishonest,' and 'Unstable'

On the qualities the U.S. president lacks, there is widespread consensus

More than half of respondents in a new poll by Politico/Morning Consult found that Trump doesn't care about people like them, contrary to his frequent statements that he's a voice for working Americans. (Photo: Fabrice Florin/Flickr/cc)

A new poll released Wednesday finds that a majority of Americans think  President Donald Trump is both reckless and dishonest.

Fifty-six percent of the 1,988 registered voters who were polled by Politico/Morning Consult said the word 'reckless' accurately described the president, while more than half  said Trump lacks compassion, stability, and honesty. 

More than half also said Trump is not compassionate, thin-skinned, and dishonest.

The poll was taken between October 19 and 23, on the heels of last week's controversy over the president's treatment of Gold Star families.

When asked at a press conference last Monday if he had called or written to the families of four soldiers who were killed in an ambush in Niger earlier this month, Trump lied that his predecessors didn't call military families when their loved ones were killed.

Later in the week when he did begin calling the families, he told the widow of one of the soldiers that her husband "knew what he signed up for," and then attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) for criticizing his actions.

The poll was also taken as Trump promotes the Republican tax plan, which he insists will benefit middle-class Americans despite analysis by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution that says it will mainly benefit the wealthiest Americans.

Seventy-seven percent of Republican respondents approved of Trump's overall performance, but only 42 percent of everyone polled gave the president their approval.

Other words used to describe the president by most of those surveyed included "unstable" (54 percent) and "untrustworthy" (53 percent), while 53 percent also said they believed Trump doesn't care about people like them—contrary to the talking points that were repeated throughout his presidential campaign and are now pushed on a daily basis by the president and in White House press briefings.

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