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Because Accuracy 'Not Possible,' Trump Threatens to Halt Daily WH Briefings

President threatens to cancel press briefings after a day of conflicting reports from the White House

President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested replacing briefings with press secretary Sean Spicer with "handouts" for media. (Image: Donkey Hotey/flickr/cc)

As the Trump administration continues to go off the rails, President Donald Trump on Friday morning threatened to "cancel all future 'press briefings'" after once again berating the so-called "Fake Media" and saying the expectation of accuracy from the White House was unrealistic.

The president's tweets about the press came after a day of tough reporting on his conflicting justifications for firing FBI director James Comey, and just ahead of a post threatening Comey.

Given Trump's previous animus toward the media, the tirade engendered predictable pushback from those unwilling to let the president threaten the fourth estate.

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