CDC Expands Zika Travel Advisory in Miami

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said five people have contracted Zika through mosquito transmission in Miami Beach. (Photo: James Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

CDC Expands Zika Travel Advisory in Miami

Unprecedented advisory warns pregnant travelers away from parts of Miami, Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday expanded its unprecedented travel advisory warning pregnant women to avoid several neighborhoods in Miami, Florida.

The initial advisory, issued on August 2, was the first of its kind for a continental U.S. city.

The expanded advisory names "a second zone of local Zika transmission, a swath of Miami Beach that includes the popular tourist magnet of South Beach," the New York Times reports.

The initial area touched on "the Wynwood, Midtown, and Design District neighborhoods in Miami, popular with tourists," the Miami Herald notes.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said that five people in Miami Beach have been infected by the Zika virus through mosquito transmission.

Earlier on Friday, Florida officials had denied reports that Zika has been spreading in Miami Beach.

Also on Friday, new research showed that Zika can cause brain damage in adults.

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