Bucking Establishment, Elizabeth Warren 'Still Cheering Bernie On'

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders share similar platforms that seek to rein in corporate malfeasance, make college affordable, and reduce inequality. (Photo: Senate Democrats/flickr/cc)

Bucking Establishment, Elizabeth Warren 'Still Cheering Bernie On'

"The contrast couldn't be greater between Hillary the hawk and Hillary the Wall Street promoter and the populist Sen. Bernie Sanders," adds Ralph Nader

Citing the political revolution he's sparked on the left, progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren declared Thursday that she does not think Bernie Sanders should get out of the presidential race.

Taking a break from her public fight with GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, the Massachusetts Democrat said as much while touring a community healthcare center, after being asked if she thinks her Senate colleague from Vermont should suspend his presidential campaign.

"He's out there, he fights from the heart," Warren responded, according to the Associated Press. "This is who Bernie is. He has put the right issues on the table both for the Democratic Party and for the country in general, so I'm still cheering Bernie on."

Still, Warren refrained from stating who she voted for during the Massachusetts primary this month, and while she continues to say she will endorse someone in the presidential race, she has thus far refused to do so.


"I'm not endorsing anyone," Warren said Thursday. "I'm not endorsing Bernie, I'm not endorsing Hillary at this moment. I think it is important what Democrats are doing and that is debating the issues that are really important to the American people."

An endorsement will come "at some point," Warren said. "No, [I] don't have a timeframe."

Warren is not the only high-profile progressive who has spoken out about the Democratic primary candidates in recent days.

During a Vimeo interview with artist and activist itstheGADFLY on Thursday, Ralph Nader openly criticized Clinton, saying: "Hillary the hypocrite ought to open up on Broadway."

The dig referred to Clinton's lack of transparency and seemingly contradictory positions on issues including Wall Street regulation. "At the same time she's denouncing big money corrupting politics, she's taking big money corrupting her politics," said Nader.

"She says one thing to voters and she does exactly the opposite in terms of her campaign cash sources," he added. "This is the problem with Hillary Clinton: She wants it both ways."

According toThe Hill, Nader contrasted Clinton's record on this and other issues with that of Sanders.

"Sen. Sanders doesn't give the paid speeches to Wall Street firms or big commercial trade conventions," he said. "That's a matter of public record. The contrast couldn't be greater between Hillary the hawk and Hillary the Wall Street promoter and the populist Sen. Bernie Sanders."

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