#NotMyAbuela: Twitter Users Destroy Clinton's "Hispandering" Campaign Move

Hillary Clinton is a new grandmother, but she's no one's "abuela." (Photo: Reuters)

#NotMyAbuela: Twitter Users Destroy Clinton's "Hispandering" Campaign Move

Social media campaign highlight Clinton's record on immigration and other policies after she describes herself with Spanish word for 'grandmother'

Hillary Clinton's campaign on Tuesday published a post entitled "7 Things Hillary Clinton Has in Common With Your Abuela," using the Spanish word for "grandmother," a move which likely sought to endear Clinton to Latino voters--but earned Twitter's searing backlash instead.

Among the ways Clinton claimed to be "like your abuela":

  • "She worries about children everywhere;"
  • "She isn't afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto [respect] (especially when it comes to women);"
  • "She reads to you before bedtime"--an item that was accompanied by an image of Clinton holding a white child in her lap; and
  • "She had one word for Donald Trump...Basta! Enough!"

Using the hashtag #NotMyAbuela, social media users slammed Clinton for what they saw as offensive "Hispandering" and political hypocrisy, considering her involvement in policies that have historically oppressed and destabilized Hispanic and Latino communities. Clinton has supported President Barack Obama's mass deportation measures, courted private prison companies for campaign donations, and engaged in orchestrating coups in Latin America, among other things.

Twitter users made clear that Clinton's less-than-nuanced campaign efforts had been soundly rejected.

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