Championing a 'President for All People,' Nurses Back Bernie

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at a National Nurses United (NNU) rally on the 50th Anniversary of Medicare. (Photo: NNU)

Championing a 'President for All People,' Nurses Back Bernie

Announcing Bernie Sanders endorsement, NNU executive director RoseAnn DeMoro says: 'There is no legislator who better represents the same humanity, courage, vision as nurses.'

Championing "a president for all people," the National Nurses Union on Monday announced that it is throwing the full weight of its 185,000-member organization behind Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for president.

"Bernie's issues align with nurses from top to bottom," said NNU executive director RoseAnn DeMoro in a statement following the endorsement, which came while the candidate visited with NNU leadership in Oakland, California on Monday. "We are proud to stand with him in his candidacy for President today," the statement continued.

Citing his support for such issues as a Robin Hood Tax, Medicare for all, Wall Street reform, expanding Social Security, in addition to "understanding the threat to public health from the climate crisis, environmental degradation, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership," DeMoro added: "He can talk about our issues as well as we can talk about our issues."

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DeMoro also announced the endorsement on her personal Twitter account where she wrote that "there is no legislator who better represents the same humanity, courage, vision as nurses."

As Politiconotes, the move marks the first national labor endorsement not bestowed on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. In June the American Federation of Teachers gave their backing to the former secretary of state, despite the objection of some members.

Reactions to the announcement are being shared under the hashtag #nurses4bernie.

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