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Most Shocking for Last? Greenwald Teases NSA Spying "Finale"

Are NSA targets 'genuine terrorists,' asks the journalist, or are they 'political critics and dissidents and activists?'

From left: Edward Snowden, David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald, and Laura Poitras. (Image from David Michael Miranda's facebook page)

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has repeatedly hinted that the largest—and potentially most shocking—revelations about NSA surveillance have yet to come.

And in an interview with The Sunday Times published over the weekend, the award-winning journalist spoke about a coming "finale" that would expose specific individuals who have been targeted by the powerful spy agency.

According to the Times' Toby Harnden, Greenwald explained that the ultimate legacy of his NSA reporting—and the decision to leak a trove of secret NSA documents by whistleblower Edward Snowden— would be “shaped in large part” by this “finishing piece” still to come.

Greenwald said:

One of the big questions when it comes to domestic spying is, ‘Who have been the NSA’s specific targets?’

Are they political critics and dissidents and activists? Are they genuinely people we’d regard as terrorists?

What are the metrics and calculations that go into choosing those targets and what is done with the surveillance that is conducted? Those are the kinds of questions that I want to still answer.

Greenwald told Harnden that the story to answer some of these questions will be published at his new website, The Intercerpt, later this year.

As Greenwald told GQ magazine during an in-depth interview earlier this year: "As with a fireworks show, you want to save your best for last. There's a story that from the beginning I thought would be our biggest, and I'm saving that."


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