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Madeline Albright on Morality and War: 'Drones Very Effective'

Former Secretary of State gives her thoughts on the "moral decisions" in today's wars on MSNBC's Morning Joe

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday and said that "drones have been very effective."

Speaking to Joe Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski, Albright began speaking about her new book, Prague Winter, and said the third part of it is about the "difficulty of making moral decisions" and noted that not everything is "black and white"; there are "an awful lot of gray areas."

Brzezinski said she wanted to "bring the issue of moral decisions to today" and asked for Albright's views on President Obama's use of drones.

Albright referenced the bombing of the former Yugoslavia, saying, "Why do you have to have boots on the ground when you can take care of the terrible things that are happening from the air?"

She added, "I do think that drones have been very effective in terms of getting rid of people that are bound and determined to attack us."

In October at a book signing event for Prague Winter in Albright's birth city of Prague, The Atlantic reports, Albright was confronted by Czech film director Vaclav Dvorak, who made the documentary "Stolen Kosovo." He reportedly requested she sign a poster with photographs of Serbs killed during the NATO bombing in 1999.  Someone in the crowd also said loudly, "I must inform you that she is a war criminal." Albright repeatedly shouted, "Get out!" and at one point said, "Disgusting Serbs."

The comment she made in 1996, "we think the price is worth it," when asked about half a million Iraqi children dying as a result of western sanctions against the country has continued to be part of her legacy. And on the current sanctions against Iran, she told CBS This Morning on Tuesday she thinks they "are working because we hear an awful lot about problems within the Iranian economy."

Watch the full Morning Joe segment here.

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