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"In a just world, our tax system would 'pinch' all people equally," writes Pizzigati. "We would recognize, as truly progressive tax systems do, that people of means should pay a greater share of their income and wealth in tax than people of lesser means." (Photo: iStock / Getty Images Plus) Views
Sunday, February 28, 2021
The Average American Pays Tax on Over Half Their Wealth. Shouldn't the Very Rich Do the Same?
Might the United States, home to the world’s wealthiest people, sometime soon sport a tax on wealth? Media outlets the nation over have begun speculating on just that question . But many of these reflections are missing the point: The United States already has a wealth tax. We call this already...
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"This widening income inequality," the commission posits, "has widened inequalities in health."(Photo: Getty/Stock Photo/francescoch) Views
Friday, February 19, 2021
American Social and Medical Disorder: The 'Pre-Existing Condition' That Doomed the U.S. Covid Response?
Back in April 2017, only a few months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, one of world’s most prestigious medical journals, the London-based Lancet, established a special commission to keep tabs on “Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era.” The panel’s 33 commissioners—medical professionals of all...
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Traders and financial professionals work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the closing bell on October 2, 2019 in New York City. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Saturday, January 30, 2021
GameStop Saga Reveals a Society Dominated by Wall Street and Crying Out for Change
You’ve probably seen by now some of those new—and jaw-dropping—stats on billionaire wealth. Analysts at started the statistical ball rolling this past fall with riveting research on how much the fortunes of America’s super rich have climbed since Covid began crushing the U.S. economy...
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Person holds sign reading 'Tax cuts make 1% richer 99% poor Views
Sunday, January 10, 2021
Our Post-Trump Democratic Prospects: What the Ming Dynasty Can Tell Us
How best to understand the assault on the Capitol this week? Might some historical perspective help us better comprehend how endangered our democracy has become? Could that perspective point us to a more promising post-Trump path? A global team of anthropologists from the United States and Mexico...
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Saturday, January 02, 2021
In 2021, Let's Ring a Global Alarm—on Inequality—That Everyone Can Hear
Remember that old joke they used to tell — and maybe still do — in luxury retail circles? The customer, precious product in hand, walks over to a haughty sales clerk at a high-end emporium and timidly asks: “How much does this cost.” “If you have to ask,” the sales clerk smiles back, “you can’t...
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People lay underneath the iconic Wall Street bull during a rally in the financial district against the proposed government buyout of financial firms September 25, 2008 in New York City. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Views
Saturday, December 12, 2020
Our Youngest 'Self-Made' Billionaire, Our Wealthy's Oldest Bogus Claim
Myths die hard, especially when the myths in question serve to prop up the legitimacy of the richest among us. And the myth these richest hold dearest: that their grand fortunes represent a fitting reward for smarts and hard work. CEOs in this country are also making fantastically big bucks. They'...
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Friday, November 27, 2020
The Rich Are Cheering Wall Street's Latest Records. Americans of Modest Means Are Draining 401(k)s.
The all-time record highs that Wall Street has registered this week have given some Americans — the nation’s already rich — considerable cause for celebration. And the rest of the nation? Tens of millions of Americans are paying precious little attention to the chirpy tale of Wall Street’s ticker...
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Sunday, November 22, 2020
The Rain on Our Yes-We-Now-Have-a-Vaccine! Parade
Who doesn’t like a race? A grand global race, like the competition to run the first mile under four minutes. Or the race to scale the world’s highest mountain. Or be the first to walk on the moon. Now we find ourselves in a race of much greater import: the dash to develop an effective vaccine for...
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Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg attends his rally held at The Rustic on February 27, 2020 in Houston. Views
Saturday, November 14, 2020
Why Can’t Inner-Ring Democrats Just Say ‘No’ to Billionaires?
ave you heard the latest about the strategic political genius of billionaire Michael Bloomberg? The political brilliance, you might skeptically ask, of Michael Bloomberg ? The same Michael Bloomberg who had to spend a record $99 per vote to get himself elected mayor of New York in 2001, another $...
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U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participate in the final presidential debate at Belmont University on October 22, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images) Views
Sunday, November 08, 2020
The 2020 Election as a Triumph for Democracy? Hold the Hosannas
In real horse races — races that actual horses run — the winners go on to run other races. Racehorses do races. They have no other responsibility. In our political horse races, winners do have another responsibility. We expect them to go on and govern, to make and execute policy decisions. Horse...
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