Tessa Love, IPS News
Survivors of the May 2014 Soma mine disaster, the worst in Turkey's history which left more than 300 people dead. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Six days a week, Tahir Cetin spends seven and a half hours hundreds of feet underground on a narrow ledge, mining coal near Soma, Turkey. He breathes in dust that is destroying his lungs, and digs into walls that could collapse on top of him. With one false step, he could fall to his death. After five years of these conditions, and the low quality...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
This is the cover of the upcoming issue of Time magazine, slated for print publication November 3rd. (Time Magazine)
Educators and parents are slamming TIME magazine editors for their November 3rd...
Max Ocean, editorial intern
In a ruling being hailed by union groups and wage rights advocates, the...

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