Jon Queally, staff writer
Two birds. One stone. How to recoup and put to good use the billions of dollars corporations and the super-wealthy hide from governments each year while also funding the renewable energy revolution scientists and experts say is necessary—and technologically possible—to combat the increasing threat of global warming and climate change?
Nika Knight, staff writer
Calm seas in recent days have brought a new wave of refugees attempting the...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
A U.N. peacekeeper in Haiti. (Photo: United Nations Photo/flickr/cc)
A day after the United Nations admitted that it helped spread cholera in Haiti...


From Fambul Tok - family talk - a short film on the efforts of the extraordinary women of Sierre Leone to heal their communities, one village at a time, after a devastating decade-long civil war. A happy and peaceful Mother's Day.