The Overwhelming Consensus Against Citizens United

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The Overwhelming Consensus Against Citizens United

Year in which the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision struck down restrictions on political spending, including secret spending by outside groups unaffiliated with campaigns or parties: 2010

Since the decision, amount in unlimited contributions that's poured into federal elections: $1.5 billion

Of that total, amount for which no donors have been disclosed: $500 million

According to an in-depth survey conducted last year, percent of Americans who say the system for funding political campaigns needs to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt: 85

Percent of Democrats who say that: 84

Percent of Republicans who agree: 81

Number of Americans who've signed petitions to date supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United: more than 5 million

Number of states that have called for such an amendment, with West Virginia so far the only one in the South: 16

Number of local governments that have endorsed the amendment: 681

Of those local governments that want to overturn Citizens United, number in the South: 43

Year in which a majority of the U.S. Senate voted in support of such an amendment: 2014

Date on which that amendment was re-introduced in the 114th Congress: 4/28/2015

Date on which Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina became the first Republican to sign on to the amendment: 11/5/2015

Date on which Ron Fein, legal director of the campaign-finance watchdog group Free Speech for People, announced that given the successes of the reform movement it was time to move from defense to offense with litigation: 1/21/2016

Date on which a mass march calling for an immediate end to big-money corruption in politics will kick off at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and head to Washington, D.C. as part of a campaign called Democracy Spring: 4/2/2016

Number of people who've already pledged to risk arrest at the U.S. Capitol as part of that campaign: 1,500

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