Synder Vetoes Gun Bill. Will Omnibus Anti-Choice Bill Be Next?

Michigan Governor Rick Synder is starting to feel the pressure from constituents when it comes to his support of massively unpopular bills, and the criticism is having its intended effect. In the wake of the tragic shooting in Connecticut, the Republican governor vetoed the state's new gun law, one that would allow firearms in schools and daycare centers.

Via Detroit News:

Gov. Rick Snyder plans to veto legislation allowing concealed weapons in public schools, according to bill sponsor Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville.

The bill allowing highly trained gun owners to carry concealed weapons inside public schools was delivered to Snyder's desk Tuesday.

"He's not going to sign it," Green told The Detroit News.

Sen. Green blames the veto on the fact that final legislation ended up "more restrictive" than they had intended. Also more restrictive than many legislators were comfortable with? H.B. 5711, the massive anti-choice omnibus bill that was rejected as being "too extreme" even by some politicians who don't consider themselves as pro-choice.

Promises of a veto began to surface just hours after a new poll showed that Snyder had become one of the most unpopular governors in the country. Public Policy Polls released new date showing a 28-point drop in the governor's popularity, with only 38 percent of the state approving of his performance since the lame duck session concluded. Synder is the third least popular governor in the nation, according to their polling, and runs behind all four potential Democratic challengers for 2014.

Does Synder now recognize that Michigan residents are tired of legislators making health care decisions for women, and inserting themselves into women's private lives? A veto on H.B. 5711 could be a good start to turning around his approval rating for his reelection campaign.

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