The War on Errorism

The Errorists have struck again. This time it was New Orleans; next time it could be your city.

Make no mistake about it: these insidious Errorists are deadly and determined to destroy the American way of life. They are the greatest threat to our nation's survival.

Do not give the Errorists aid and comfort. Do not buy their lies and excuses. By no means should you vote for them.

George Bush is an Errorist. Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are, too.

International Terrorists have been blamed for the destruction of the World Trade Center where two thousand people died. But it was the Errorists who ignored the warnings of the impending attack, who failed to protect thousands of people in the Twin Towers and who let Osama Bin Laden slip away despite launching two wars and spending billions of dollars in pursuit of the 'mastermind' of 9-11.

Ten times as many people perished in New Orleans than in New York because of Errorism.

Once again, the Errorists ignored critical warnings which could have prevented disaster, failed to adequately protect our citizens and badly botched the follow-up. No one is using the word 'mastermind' now.

How could the Administration screw up so badly, some people have wondered: could you imagine if New Orleans was targeted by terrorists?

It's worse to be targeted by Error.

The Errorists, despite having a wealth of resources at their disposal, couldn't supply their own citizens with the very basics of food, water and medical attention.

It's the same Errorists who sent thousands of young Americans to Iraq without proper armament to fight a war which was supposed to have been over in weeks. The Errorists still don't have an exit plan. Iraq, where tens of thousands of innocents have died--thanks to the Errorists--is now a haven for terrorists.

Errorists are everywhere. You have to be very, very careful. They look like regular, law-abiding, patriotic American citizens. It's easy to be fooled. John Kerry is an Errorist. Joe Biden, John McCain and Hillary Clinton? Errorists, all of them.

Errorists have infiltrated the media; they control what you read in the papers, what you watch on television. Remember that quirky election from last year? The one where the usually accurate exit polls were wrong for the first time in history? The one where all those electronic voting machines malfunctioned; lost some votes and unexplainably recorded more votes than voters? Not to worry, folks, nothing sinister at work here. It was all just an Error.

New Orleans? Couldn't have been avoided- -just an Error. The Twin Towers, the Pentagon -- not our fault. Errorism at work. The toxic stew being pumped back into Lake Pontchartrain? Don't worry, it's an Error which Nature can handle.

Any day now the Errorists will ride triumphantly into New Orleans, ignoring their complicity in the death and destruction. Karl Rove will orchestrate a Kodak moment. The press will dutifully report on the success of the Errorists. A huge banner will be hung marking the milestone.

Mission Accomplished.

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