Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Acosta must step down as Labor Secretary immediately. His actions make clear he would rather protect a billionaire pedophile and sex offender than stand up for innocent children."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Marshae Jones
Critics warn the case threatens reproductive rights nationwide by advancing the...
Julia Conley, staff writer
UltraViolet previously helped convince the Democratic Party to include female...


Senate Democrats aren't the only ones calling out serial-lying, binge-drinking, sexually assaulting frat boy Brett Kavanaugh for a choir-boy narrative now in tatters. Added to their demand he withdraw after a third accuser spoke up: Affadavits from and ads by Ford supporters, more evidence he's lied, his weird release of a 1982 calendar conclusively listing no rapey stuff, and a vital, painful, connect-the-dots query after the sentencing of Bill Cosby: "How many women must bleed to be heard?"