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'Trump Is a Fraud, Exhibit One Billion': Trade Deficit Soars to 12-Year High Despite President's Promises to Wipe It Out

"Trump pledged to eliminate the trade deficit and end job outsourcing, but the overall 2020 deficit is on track to be larger than when he took office, and his Labor Department has certified more than 300,000 American jobs were lost to outsourcing and imports during his presidency."
Jake Johnson ·

US Progressives Express Solidarity With Anti-TPP Protests as 11 Nations Sign Revised Corporate-Friendly Trade Deal

In Chile, critics took to the streets with signs declaring, "No to modern slavery, no to the TPP-11" and "The TPP and TPP-11 are the same!"

Jessica Corbett ·

Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia

Giving American isolationism new meaning in the twenty-first century.

Dilip Hiro ·

Unfair Trade: US Beef Has a Climate Problem

Growing global demand for beef is hindering efforts to combat climate change, scientists say

Sean Mowbray ·

Trump's NAFTA Plan Looks a Lot Like Corporate-Friendly Deals He Campaigned Against

Trump railed against NAFTA and TPP on the campaign trail, but the objectives released this week beg questions about his promises to help working people

Andrea Germanos ·

What Would It Look Like to Build a Politics That’s Open to People But Closed to Big Money?

For the left to work out where it is headed, and how it can dismantle its true enemy of unfettered finance while defending vulnerable people, it needs to be able to have serious debate.

Christine Berry ·

To Those Who Trusted Him on Trade, Trump Prepares 'Punch in the Face'

Should the Trump administration's NAFTA plans come to fruition, it'll be "globalism by Goldman Sachs," according to one commentator

Deirdre Fulton ·

Trump is a Catastrophe, But So was the TPP

Why Are My Highly Educated Friends So Ignorant About Trade?

Isabel Marlens ·

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