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Scott Pruitt

10 Ways Andrew Wheeler Has Decimated EPA Protections in Just One Year

Trump’s EPA administrator should change the name of his agency to "Every Polluter’s Ally."

Elliott Negin ·

Reverse Darwinian Selection Afflicts Trump’s Washington

This administration always chooses the worst and the dumbest

Mike Lofgren ·

Trump's "Deep State" Is Trump’s Corrupt State

It’s the dirtiest trick of our time, enabled by the most corrupt party in living memory

Robert Reich ·

'Finally!': Court Orders EPA to Stop Stalling Potential Ban on Pesticide Tied to Brain Damage in Kids

"We hope Trump's EPA finally decides to protect the future of countless children and the health of millions of farmworkers."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Part of a Disturbing Trend of Willful Ignorance,' Say Scientists, After Investigation Shows EPA, Texas Rejected Air Quality Data Post-Hurricane Harvey

New reporting in Los Angeles Times reveals Trump administration's disregard for data, science, public health, environment following 2017 catastrophic storm

Andrea Germanos ·

GOP Slammed for 'Shameful' Vote as Ex-Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler Confirmed as EPA Chief

"Senate Republicans have officially put a coal lobbyist in charge of protecting our children from the dirty air and toxic water created by his corporate polluting clients."

Jessica Corbett ·

With Corporate Interests at the Helm, EPA Polluter Fines Down 85%, Hitting Lowest Level in 25 Years

"With its scientists censored and a coal lobbyist in charge, its no wonder why EPA's civil fines for polluters are down 85 percent."

Julia Conley ·

Trump Nomination of Wheeler Ensures EPA Will Continue to Put 'Profits of Polluters' Over Human Health and Planet

"I'm sure corporate board rooms will celebrate this nomination. But for anyone who drinks water, breathes air, or cares about wildlife, this will be nothing but awful."

Julia Conley ·

Why Scott Pruitt Still Matters in the Trump Era

The fact that Pruitt’s personalized politics once established him as a top-shelf candidate to lead the EPA represents the banal expectation of cabinet-level corruption in the Trump era

Kai Olson-Sawyer ·

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